Life is beautiful, if u make it beautiful.

Life is beautiful, if u make it beautiful.

Friday, July 6, 2018


It took 3 hours from Malaysia to Makassar and I'm using Air Asia service. Here are some photos during my trip to South Sulawesi! Yeayyy!

1. Reading magazine while waiting for the aeroplane to land (left)
2. Window shopping! Trans Mall Makassar (right)

4. Visiting one of the prehistoric cave in Maros (left)
5. Enjoy eating Bakso Urat and Bakso Bom Tetel (right)

6. Visiting prehistoric site in Maros

7. Visiting prehistoric site.

8. At Rammang-rammang,

9. One of my favourite place, Enrekang! Beautiful scenary~

10. Enrekang

11. Enrekang! I fall in love with this place!

12. Visiting Toraja. A beautiful place with a unique culture.

13. Toraja's grave yard

14. Toraja's grave yard
15. Toraja's grave yard

16. Toraja's grave yard

17. Visiting Makam Sultan Hasanuddin